Premium packages for food, drinks and cosmetics are now available in Bosnia and Herzegovina

All food and beverage producers in Bosnia and Herzegovina are aware of the challenges so far when it comes to finding manufacturers of packaging for factory packaging within Bosnia.

Marketing experts often explain the correlation between the intensity of sales of consumer goods and the appearance of product packaging. In marketing agencies, creatives are engaged in designing packaging in order to better adapt to the target customers, because the decision to buy mostly happens in front of the shelves at points of sale and the appearance of the product is an important decisive factor.

Marketing agency EBBE COMMS d.o.o. from Sarajevo has a wide portfolio of references when it comes to the design and printing of various types of packaging for factory packaging. With the most modern packaging printing technology in this part of Europe, EBBE COMMS agency offered food and other consumer goods the possibility of branding and printing luxury and attractive packaging, and a wide selection of packaging for food, beverages and cosmetics.

You can find the portfolio with international references and more information about this business segment of EBBE COMMS on the website

“As a marketing agency, it used to happen to us that we designed a package for food brand a significant number of times and in Bosnia and Herzegovina we could not achieve the desired result when it comes to printing and packaging, especially when it comes to factory serial production. This has greatly limited our graphic designers in their design and innovation. EBBE COMMS Premium Packaging is a big business step forward for our agency, and a service with which we have upgraded our wide portfolio as a full service marketing agency. We are able to meet the biggest challenges and quantities when it comes to making food packaging, and deliver goods anywhere in the world. We have an absolutely superior capacity and an excellent team that can deliver to customers from design to the production of large quantities of packaging that will guarantee their success on the shelves. ” – said the director of the marketing agency EBBE COMMS d.o.o. Ema Alagić.